RED Expert Alliance Partner manifesto

We believe in open and collaborative cooperation among expert teams to help our customers gain the maximum return on their investment in Oracle Technology. As experts, we actively work together, share experience, generate knowledge. We believe we are excelling in what we do by actively collaborating with other experts around the world. We overcome complexity by having personal relationships, practical solutions and focus on results. Working together has to be fun and energizing for us.

We think these values will deliver the optimal solution for our customers.

The partners:

  1. Are independent and have an equal position/representation in the alliance.
  2. We operate in a transparent, trusting and respectful manner for one another – regarding ourselves, customers, competition and recruitment. Like a real friendship.
  3. We use a customer-centric approach emphasizing the importance of addressing the real customers’ needs and resolving them with our expert knowledge.
  4. Our project teams consist of highly skilled experts who are empowered and able to assist customers and their organizations to find the most suitable solution for their problem.
  5. We stimulate active knowledge sharing among members in a transparent and honest way.
  6. We support an entrepreneurial mentality, enable operational freedom and facilitate innovation.
  7. We strive for delivering the optimum solution for both our customers, our partners and ourselves.
  8. We operate in a “Keep it simple” mentality.