SYSCO joins the «RED Expert Alliance” – REAL

SYSCO continues to strengthen its Oracle focus by joining the «RED Expert Alliance» (REAL). REAL is an international alliance that consists of 10 independent consultancy companies in position of very high competency within the Oracle Technology. The purpose of the alliance is to collaborate on competency and experience to the joint benefit of our customers and the industry in general.
From REAL’s manifest:
«We believe in open and collaborative cooperation among expert teams to help our customers gain the maximum return on their investment in Oracle Technology. As experts, we actively work together, share experience, generate knowledge. »
This is a strategic step to underpin SYSCO’s values – energetic, different and specialized. Through REAL SYSCO get access to gain and share expertise and experience that will contribute both to keep SYSCO «on alert» and continue to create «good stories» for its customers.

Read the full press release here: Press release – REAL SYSCO – english